How to get medical Marijuana in Canada

You can always buy medical marijuana on your website without a marijuana card!


How to get medical marijuana in Canada?

If you want to buy medical marijuana to a brick and mortar store, here is how:

As you all know, getting medical marijuana can be a hassle. For those of you who know it already, you can order medical grade marijuana from us without having a card. But we’re giving you a walkthrough if you can’t wait until july 1st 2018 and don’t want to order from an online dispensary.

Canadians trust the therapeutic aspects of medicinal marijuana. It’s the reason why a large number of individuals are authorized by the government to possess and utilize medical cannabis. Specialists say it’s a great alternative to treat different conditions without taking pharmaceutical medication.

New patients can acquire a permit by applying through the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Get a Medical Marijuana Card

To qualify, your condition must be observed by a specialist or family doctor within the last year. There are multiple walk-in clinics with specialists who meet all requirements, look for them in your area.

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All your medical documents must be accessible for eligibility and must confirm your diagnosis.

Who Decides If You’re Qualified for Canada’s ACMPR Program?


  • Physician – A member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The membership must be in good standing. Must also hold a valid license issued by their local province/territory licensing authority. This must be the area where they practice medicine and hold a valid Class 1 narcotics license.
  • Nurse Practitioner – Canada medical marijuana laws now allow these medical professionals to authorize and sign prescriptions under ACMPR by Health Canada.

Talk To Your Doctor to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card


To obtain a medical marijuana card, the best way is to see a doctor who definitely knows your medical history. Ensure your health specialist thinks about some other treatments and medications you’re thinking about, including the utilization of weed for therapeutic purposes.

Sometimes, people go see a physicians who they are unfamiliar with or one that doesn’t believe in the medical properties of marijuana. If that happens, it’s important that you stand your ground:

  • Make a list of the treatments you’ve already tried
  • Identify those that failed to treat your symptoms
  • Get documentation that explains your position
  • Show how your symptoms could be managed with marijuana


Find Your “Green” Doctor in Canada

Multiple online networks are designed to help you subscribe to the medical marijuana program. There’s a 3-step process to find a physician and becoming a licensed patient:

  • Pre-qualify online
  • Register for an evaluation online
  • Consult with a physician or nurse practitioner about your condition